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Margaret Clinch

Office Administrator and Children and Youth Director

Margaret is currently wearing many hats in her role here at LCOS, both literally and metaphorically.  She grew up here in Dayton before she graduated from University of Evansville in 2008. Since then, she has worked at a number of non-profit programs, including as an AmeriCorps tutor in rural portions of Ohio, teaching multiple grade levels in the Philippines through YASC, an Episcopal missionary service, and serving with the Maryland Episcopal Service Corps in Baltimore working with House of Ruth Maryland, a domestic violence agency.  Her last job before LCOS was as a youth and young adult ministries director for an Episcopal church in Maryland.

When not working, Margaret self-identifies as a geek, a storyteller, a dancer, and a crafter.  She can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the various houses of Hogwarts or which is the best Star Trek captain.  She can also dance the Karabushka, a medieval Russian folk dance, to the tune of Wipeout, which has proved useful more times than one might think.  She learned to knit and sew as a young child and has branched out into both embroidery and watercolor work in the past few years.  Margaret is very much enjoying that she has moved back closer to her family, as her parents and her three siblings all live in town.  

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