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Questions You Might Have About Baptism...

When do baptisms happen?

Baptisms occur during our regularly scheduled worship services.  This is done for several reasons.  Since the baptized person is becoming a member of the Christian Church, and also of the congregation, it is fittingly a community event.  Further, the congregation also undertakes certain responsibilities regarding the spiritual nurture of the baptized.  It is therefore important for the congregation to be present.  Baptisms are performed at other times in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Do we have to be members of the congregation?

Adults who are baptized at Lutheran Church of Our Savior are also committing themselves to membership in the congregation.  For infants and young children, at least one parent should be a member, since baptism involves the parent's acceptance of the responsibility of the Christian nurture of the child.  Exceptions are made in special circumstances.

What are sponsors?

Baptismal sponsors (sometimes called godparents) can be friends, family members, or members of the church.  The should, however, be active members of a Christian congregation.  For young children, the sponsors make the promise to share with the parents the responsibility to raise the child in the faith.  Whether those baptized are children or adults, sponsors can play a significant role in supporting their spiritual life in the years to come.  With children, baptismal sponsors should not be confused with the person named in a will as a legal guardian in case of emergency.  The responsibilities are separate, and very well may be assumed by different people.  Lastly, while sponsors can assist the child's faith growth in wonderful ways, they are entirely optional, since the parents are considered the primary baptismal sponsors.

How can I arrange a baptism?

Please call the church office to schedule a time to meet with our pastor to talk about baptism and its meaning.  This is also an excellent time to have your specific questions answered.

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