We welcome you no matter where you are from, where you live , or what your journey has been so far.  Everyone, including visitors, may participate in: worship services, Sunday School classes, ministries, activities, fellowship, special events and more! 


Get to know us by joining in and serving others!

So that you are comfortable, here's some basic information about our worship service and church community.

When should I arrive?

We have two worship services:

Saturday evening outdoors at 5:30pm


Sunday morning at 10:00am (also livestreamed)


Tech Watch

We recommend arriving a few minutes early to settle in.  You can clear your mind listening to music from our beautiful pipe organ.

What should I wear?

Our worship service is intended to praise God and to connect with each other, so dress as you feel comfortable.   Be yourself!   We're happy you are here. 

Sometimes, if special events follow worship service, we might be outside or out in the community.   See the website for these events--our site will indicate if you need to "dress for play or mess".


Wear jeans and sneakers?  Yes!


Color-coordinated mask? 

Or any mask that keeps you and your neighbor safe.


Cute dress with a bow?  Why not?  It's all up to you!

Suit and tie?  Nice!

Where should I go?

Our Sunday morning worship service takes place in the newer addition of the church.  You may enter through the front or side doors.  Greeters will be there to help you the rest of the way.

20200905_174233 (2).jpg

Our Saturday evening service takes place behind the church building, on our outdoor patio, near the playground.  Bring a chair and sit out on the lawn, or listen in your cars on the FM radio station!

What is available for children?

Children are welcomed and encouraged to attend worship services with their families.  Our pastor leads a children's sermon during the Sunday Worship service to discuss the themes of the day's readings  on their level.  We hope to resume Sunday School/Bible Blast sessions in the fall.  

For preteens and youth, we are planning to resume youth group meetings over the summer or fall.  You can also reach out to either our youth director or our pastor to be connected to the other resources we have been providing online or as deliveries to our families.

For all families, we will continue to plan intergenerational events that are geared to bring the questions and insight of the youth alongside the wisdom of their elders, and encourage all to learn and grow in faith with one another.  

How do I meet people?

We want to get to know you!  We are minimizing contacts right now to protect everyone from COVID-19, but we are hopeful that as times go on and we can relax our restrictions, we will resume the passing of the peace during services, and hosting punchbowls and coffee hour after services end.  Until then, check out our Facebook, our newsletter, and our Instagram page to see more of what we are like, and to start interacting with our members.