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In partnership with Lutheran Congregations across the region we are seeking investment in our Southern Ohio Synod through the Thrive! campaign. Thrive! will resource the region in the development of leaders to strengthen existing ministries and allow for the funding of new initiatives to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus. The Thrive! Capital campaign is not about building a facility or calling staff.  It is about equipping the people of God in Southern Ohio to thrive in ways we have not previously been able to afford or attempt. 

The five goals of the campaign are as follows:

  • Goal 1- Equipping lay leaders to be more effective in their communities and to thrive in their ministries.  

  • Goal 2- Raising up leaders for smaller congregations and providing a training program so that they may serve in contexts where the congregation is not able to fund a full-time rostered pastor but still has a desire for mission.

  • Goal 3- Strengthening rostered ministers by providing the opportunities for them to be identified in their congregation as healthy leaders who are growing in their faith and ministry skills. 

  • Goal 4- Launching new congregations and reaching new people.

  • Goal 5- Enhancing worship practice by engaging all congregations across the Synod to share their resources and knowledge to assist other congregations.


Our Timeline:

Week 1: January 25th/26th

Thrive Challenge Launch!

Week 2: February 1st/2nd

Mission Moments in Worship

Week 3: February 8th/9th

Mission Moments in Worship

Week 4: February 15th/16th

Mission Moments in Worship

Week 5: February 22nd/23rd

Commitment Weekend

Week 6: February 29th/March 1st

Thrive Celebration