LCOS's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

If there was ever a time when the words of Proverbs 14:16 resonated, this it is:  
“The wise are cautious and turn away from evil, but the fool throws off restraint and is careless.”

Christ calls us to give special attention to the most vulnerable.  Loving our neighbor means staying at home.  Putting others’ needs before mine is the Christlike thing to do.

So what does this mean?

Following government orders, the advice of health professionals within both our community and congregation, and safe practices, LCOS has suspended most building activities for the time being. 



Last March we moved all our worship services online.  But now...

On March 28th, Palm Sunday, we will be resuming indoor worship services! It's been over a year since we have been able to gather within our church sanctuary, but we will return now, with precautions.  For more information on what that will look like, click here.  

On Saturdays at 5:30 pm we will be offering In-person Outdoor Worship. 

We will follow many advisable risk-reduction measures.

Once again, we will physically be together as the Body of Christ together --

-- masked and distanced, of course! 

Click here for more information on what this outdoor Saturday worship will look like! 


Sunday worship services will still be livestreamed and available to watch online.  You can check out our Youtube Channel for the videos each week, or find them on our Sermons and Worship Videos page.  We will post the most recent worship video to our homepage as well.  Or subscribe to our newsletter and we will email you each week with a copy of the video and a link to get the worship folder and other worship resources.



The building is slowly re-opening for members.  We will now allow member groups smaller than ten people to gather indoors, provided all remain masked and observe social distancing protocols.  Please contact Margaret at the church office if you would like to schedule a gathering.  The church remains closed to outside groups meeting indoors.  We have begun allowing limited use of our church grounds for activities and meetings which can maintain social distancing.  Any groups, ministries or just a set of friends who would like to use the church grounds as a meeting spot are welcome to do so. If you plan to meet on our church grounds please notify Michele Oaks at Please let Michele know the date, time and location on the church campus where you are planning to meet. This will avoid any conflicts of two groups of people wanting to meet in the same space at the same time. When Michele confirms your meeting time, she will send you a list of the meeting guidelines that the Church Council has in place for meetings on our church campus.



Our Top of the Hill Preschool is reopening, with a reorganized safety plan to protect the children, families, and Preschool Staff.  The safety plan put in place is based on requirements set by the State of Ohio, and they are taking precautions above and beyond those recommendations.  



Our Visitation Team has suspended its homebound and nursing home visits.  Pastor Stefan will use discretion concerning hospital visits, following the orders and regulations set forth.



The church office has re-opened, and will be staffed Monday through Friday from 9am through 3pm.  We will follow risk-reduction protocols: only one staff member will be in the office at a time; face masks will be worn, except when alone in their own workspace. Feel free to stop by to drop off offerings, food, hygiene kits, clothes donations, etc. Come if you need to pick up something.

Just please wear a mask.  And it’s never a bad idea to call the office first, so we’ll be on the lookout for you.  



He is always available, no matter the need.  His cell is 303-578-8070.  Don’t hesitate to call.


CARE FOR EACH OTHER  - Let us look for ways to care for and support each other during a time when there may be a great deal of social isolation.  We’ve been working hard on building relationships --  now it’s time to put them into action!  Take it upon yourself to call on your fellow church members to see how they are.



CARE FOR PEOPLE BEYOND LCOS - Some of us are concerned for others who are vulnerable … such as Dayton schools students who count on school breakfast and lunch.  We are working with our ministry partners to find ways we can serve.  Watch out email newsletters for information.


SPIRITUAL CONNECTION - We may not be physically connected, but we are still the church, connected to each other as the Body of Christ.  Pastor Stefan will send out regular devotions, prayers and reflections which will hopefully ground us in the Rock of Ages 


In the days ahead we will continue to update you on what we are doing and how we are being church together -- even if we aren’t physically in the same space.  Please pass on this information to anyone who you think might not use email often, or at all!  And please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


- Pastor Stefan Rickman